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General Terms and Conditions:
Heckery Dekkery Dot Trave Game Postcards for Children (HDD)
(Owner: Cheryl Hornung)

§ 1 - Validity

(1) Services are delivered and propositions are made available solely on the basis of these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are a component of all HDD contractual agreements with its customers regarding services offered.

(2) All arrangements made between HDD and the customer regarding execution of this contract are set forth in writing in this contract.

§ 2 – Offer and Conclusion of Contract

(1) Brochures, ads or other promotional materials containing offerings and listing prices are subject to change and are not binding.

(2) The contractual agreement is normally concluded via the HDD web site. The customer is bound to an order he or she signed, i.e., placed online. Upon placement of the order online via the HDD web site, the customer will receive an order confirmation and corresponding invoice. HDD considers the order received once the customer has received an order confirmation from HDD. This order confirmation, however, is not sent until HDD has received payment on its business account.

§ 3 – Prices and Payment

(1) Provided that HDD does not charge value added tax, the value added tax is not included in HDD's prices; the value added tax in the amount allowed by law on the day of the invoice will be listed separately on the bill. If the value added tax is not to be listed on the invoice, then it will also not be charged. Payment can be made in EUROS or US DOLLARS.

(2) Unless agreed upon otherwise in writing, HDD requires full payment of the amount due for HDD's services in advance. Payment in advance is due immediately upon the customer's receipt of the order confirmation.

(3) Payment  is handled by PayPal or by Astonishing Cards.  Postcards sold to retailers may be paid by bank transfer in addition to PayPal.

(4) Only when counter claims are uncontested or determined to be legally binding may the customer offset HDD's demands with his or her own demands. The customer is entitled to withholding, including due to counter claims from the same contractual relationship.

(5) Invoicing is based on the individual offer made by HDD specifically for each customer.

§ 5 – Scope of Services

(1) HDD will offer children's travel postcards with internet connection through retail and internet sales. The HDD website,, will offer a learning experience in a fun-filled space attractive to children and adults of all ages. Although the main target audiences for Heckery Dekkery Dot are the United States of America and Germany, HDD may reach other international audiences as well via internet sales.

HDD is a unique travel game which enables all players to learn more about the world around them, but it is first and foremost a children's learning game in which children not only become acquainted with other parts of the world, but also gain respect for other cultures in a fun and easygoing, carefree manner. Unique "game"card postcards become a child's "passport" to an online travel game at Traveler players, upon completing the phrase printed on the back of the postcard, "If u were here," send the "game"card postcards to "recipient" players back home who become virtual globe-trotters when they visit to learn more about the famous site and what they could do if they were there! It is HDD's goal to help children learn about the city featured on the travel game postcard and the people who live there by providing them with an educational as well as a fun website. Children also will be encouraged to exchange ideas with online pen pals under the guidance of a parent or other responsible adult caregiver.

Who will win? Everybody will win when children learn more about the world around them.

§ 6 – Time Table

Unless a fixed deadline or date has otherwise been agreed upon in writing, HDD's services – depending on the amount of work involved – will be delivered within a normal time frame of up to four weeks. This time table does not take effect until payment of the amount due has been made in full and all necessary documentation and confirmations by third parties have been received by HDD.

§ 7 - Warranty

(1) The customer is protected by law in the event of any defects. However, HDD provides a warranty only within the limits of up-to-dateness at the time of the purchase agreement and within the limits of normal dependability. However, HDD does not limit the application of the warranty to gross negligence or deliberate intention.

(2) HDD warrants for its services but only to the extent that the customer has fulfilled his or her obligation to provide truthful and - in HDD's point of view - complete documentation. Should this not happen, this constitutes a breach of contract on the part of the customer, which entitles HDD to withdraw from the contract. In the event that the customer has submitted payment, the payment is applied toward services provided by HDD until acknowledgement of the breach of contract. A refund is not due.

(3) However, for damage claims by the customer, the special provisions of § 8 apply.

§ 8 – Liability for Damage Compensation

(1) Customer damage compensation claims due to recognizable service deficiencies are excluded if the customer does not report the deficiency to HDD within a period of two weeks following receipt of the service. If the deficiency is reported in a timely manner, HDD can not be held liable for damages for more than three times the gross order volume.

(2) HDD's loss is furthermore limited to damage compensation for damages that are foreseeable and typical for this type of contract – regardless of which legal basis, particularly due to delay, defects or other breaches of obligation. However, at a maximum of three times the gross order volume.

(3) HDD is not responsible for damage as a result of the postal service.

§ 9 – Court of Jurisdiction

It is agreed upon that German law applies. Marburg/Lahn is predifined as the court of jurisdiction.


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