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Paris, France

"City of L  ight"

What would you do if u were here?

Eiffel Tower
987 feet high!
  •     Paris is the capital city of France.

  • Paris is over 2,000 years old!

  • Paris is situated on the River Seine.

  • Paris has a population of about two million people.

  • Over 30 million foreign visitors visit Paris each year!

  • Oh, yes, the People who live in Paris are French.

  • French people speak French!

  • Bonjour! That means good day!


The city of Paris has a nickname.  Do you know what a nickname is?  A nickname is another name, usually a shorter name, which is lovingly given to someone in place of his or her real name.  Paris is called “The City of Light because for hundreds of years it was, and still is, an important center for education and learning.

But, what does light have to do with education and learning?  Well, have you ever heard of the word,   enlighten?    Do you know the meaning of enlighten?  It’s what happens when we receive information and knowledge.  We become enlightened!  Since there is so much to learn in the city of Paris, “The City of Light” is an appropriate nickname, don’t you think!  Do you have or know someone who has a nickname?

Love, Oma

P.S.  Move your mouse over the heart to make it beat!


We're having fun here!


AMOUR! That means

 in French! Do you love art?


If you were here, we could visit one of the most famous art museums in the world together.  Do you know its name?  It’s the Louvre - “loov ruh”.  Famous paintings and sculptures can be seen in the Louvre, and, with the help of a grownup, you can visit the Louvre online.  Spend some time there and take some virtual tours.  You can learn something about art that way!


    And, we must remember to visit Centre Pompidou too!

Pompidou is pronounced     pom pee doo.
(Click on the little blue "whatchamacallit" in the square box.)

Very Good!

Your French is really outstanding! 

Pompidou is really into modern art by the way!  You will see the latest in art there!

                    Centre Pompidou
               See the latest in art here!

And, if you were here, we could visit such world-famous landmarks as the twelfth-century Cathédral Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Arch of Triumph.  Can you identify these famous Paris landmarks?



 What Else is there?




Liberty Island in
New York Harbor

This photo is in the public domain under the terms of Title 17, Chapter 1,
Section 105 of the US Code.
Wikimedia Commons


Did you know that America’s Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French people in 1886?  And, did you know that Gustave Eiffel, who designed the Eiffel Tower, designed the framework for the statue?  The French named the statue Liberty Enlightening the World, and it has become a symbol of freedom in the United States as well as all over the world.  A small replica, a copy, stands in the middle of the River Seine in Paris?   It’s true!  We could see it together if you were here!  It stands facing west towards the original statue in New York Harbor.

Learn Some French!

With the help of a grownup, visit here. and also have some fun here  !

Statue of Liberty replica on the River Seine was given to the city of Paris in 1889.

Learn Other THINGS about FRENCH Culture! 

For example, do you know what kind of bread the French people like to eat?  If you were here, we could try some!  It is white, crusty and very long and skinny, and it usually comes without a wrapper which makes it a bit of a challenge to get it home!  It is called a baguette!  And, do you know what French people call pancakes?  Crêpes!  Ask a grownup to help you discover other things about French culture!  Maybe they can also help you check out the children’s corner on this site about the Eiffel Tower.


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Thank You:

Britannica and Britannica Online for Kids are excellent resources for information.

A special thank you goes to my daughters Alicia and Janella for their valuable input and to my husband Barthold, to Eveline, and to the Damen der Englisch-Gruppe in Marburg for their help with the German translations.


All photos on this site were taken by me on my travels unless otherwise indicated.


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Paris, France - (1) The City of LightZoom Paris, France - (1) The City of Light

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Paris, France - (2) Die Stadt des LichtsZoom Paris, France - (2) Die Stadt des Lichts

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Paris, France - Centre PompidouZoom Paris, France - Centre Pompidou

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