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Goteborg, Sweden

founded in 1603

Opera House on the Waterfront

  • Goteborg is the 2nd largest city in Sweden.

  • Goteborg has a population of about 480,000 people.

  • A person who lives in Goteborg is called a Swede

  • Swedes speak Swedish.


When Swedes say “Hello” they say “Hej” (hey) or “Hej, Hej”!


“Hej, Hej”!  If you were here, we could have lots of “FUN” learning about science at Universeum It’s really neat!  You can learn about space, the rainforest and the ocean all in one place!  Goteborg also has a BIG amusement park called Liseberg Amusement Park, and I know that you would have lots of fun there!  They have a children’s zoo that we could visit, too, if you were here!  AND, WOW!  Goteborg has a Maritime Museum which is pronounced Sjöfartsmuseet in Swedish!  Nice job!  You make it seem so easy to pronounce words in another language!  AND, we could ride on the trolley, or float on a boat!  AND, there’s a symphony and an opera with programs for all ages!  Goteborg has lots of fun things to do!  Check it out at

For a little information on the children’s zoo, please take a look here.

Shopping, Anyone?


If you were here, we could go shopping together!  What would you like to buy here in Goteborg?  Toy$?  Nw clothing?  Yummy snack$?  Did you know that in Sweden you cannot spend dollar$?  It’s true!  Swedes spend Swedish krona (kr or SK) instead of dollar$.

So, if you were here in Goteborg, which is a city in Sweden, and you wanted to go shopping in the city district of Haga, you would have to buy some Swedish money.  Be sure to save some dollar$ for when you are back at home!


Haga Shopping


The children of Goteborg vote in their own election!  What do you think about that?  Would you like Go be able to vote in a real election? 

If you would like to learn more about the election, please ask a grownup to help you visit this site.


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Thank You:
Britannica and Britannica Online for Kids are excellent resources for information. 

A special thank you goes to my daughters Alicia and Janella for their valuable input and to my husband Barthold, to Eveline, and to the Damen der Englisch-Gruppe in Marburg for their help with the German translations.


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Goteborg, Sweden - (1) Opera House on the WaterfrontZoom Goteborg, Sweden - (1) Opera House on the Waterfront

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Goteborg, Sweden - (2) Das Opernhaus am HafenZoom Goteborg, Sweden - (2) Das Opernhaus am Hafen

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