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X-tra! Climate

What is weather? What is climate?

Let's do something good for the environment.
WINTER should not be too mild,
and SUMMER should be nice....


Vered Adir
Wikimedia Commons

Will I need a sweater or a jacket today?

Can I wear shorts?

Is it cloudy and rainy? Where's my umbrella? Should I wear my boots? Is it windy, too? I can't my hat and scarf?

There's the sun! Where's my bathing suit?

The answers to most of the questions above are determined by the weather, and the weather over a long period determines the climate!

Here, are some types of weather:

  • Warm and sunny
  • Cloudy and rainy
  • Cold and snowy
  • Windy and stormy

Cold and snowy

Domenico Salvagnin
Wikimedia Commons

Do you like chocolate bars and unicorns?

Here are some ways that the climate plays a role in everyday life. Let's pretend that you would like to grow chocolate bars in your backyard next summer! Of course, everyone knows that chocolate bars do not grow in backyards, but let's pretend anyway! Is the climate suitable? It may not be suitable if summers are long and hot where you live because the chocolate bars would surely undergo a meltdown! What's more, the unicorn you would like to keep as a pet may not be suitable to the climate where you live either if you can't imagine! Can you imagine keeping a unicorn as a pet? Would you ride it, or would you take it for a stroll? Would you take it with you on vacation? Where do you go on vacation? Most people consider the climate when planning their vacation, too. Would you like to spend a week or two where it rains every day, or would you prefer sunny days? Where do you think a unicorn goes on vacation? Do you think unicorns like chocolate bars, and would you ever consider sharing your chocolate bar with a unicorn?

This unicorn is part of a famous painting by the Renaissance painter Moretto da Brescia. You can see the entire painting here!

Wikimedia Commons

Do you know what affects the climate?

  • The sun
  • Our oceans
  • Winds
  • Land types
  • Clouds
Windmill (then)

Andre Engels
Wikimedia Commons
Windmill (now)

Wikimedia Commons

Many scientists believe that our activities also affect climate! They say that our Earth is getting warmer and that part of the reason could be due to trapped gasses from the burning of fuels which gives us such comforts as travel, cool houses in summer, and warm houses in winter. They call it global climate change. Have you heard about it?

Heckery Dekkery Dot Travel Game Postcards for Children thinks it is an excellent idea to conserve energy, especially if it will help to save and protect the climate for future generations! Make a list of the ways that you conserve energy to help save and protect the climate. Learn more things that you can do here. And, read more about climate at Britannica Kids.

Sunny and Warm

Wikimedia Commons


Finally, have you ever heard something about Alternative Energy? 

Oil, coal and natural gas are fossil fuels which are available in limited supplies and, therefore, will run out one day. That is why there is a need for Alternative Energy. Alternative energy comes from mostly renewable sources which are not as likely to run out one day. Sources for renewable energy are: the sun, wind, rivers and oceans, heat from inside the Earth, plants, and even human and animal waste products including garbage. What do you think about that?

  • Sun = Solar Power
  • Wind = Wind Power
  • Water = Hydroelectric Power
  • Waste Products = Biogas
  • Plants = Biofuels
  • Earth = Geothermal Energy from deep inside the Earth
  • Hydrogen = Fuel Cells
Learn more about Alternative Energy at Britannica Kids.


Eco Factory - Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Informatiecentrum Ecofactorij

Wikimedia Commons


Help SOMEONE you know learn about climate change!
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It's FUN! And, it's EDUCATIONAL, too!

Who will win?

Everyone wins when children learn more about the world around them!


Thank You:

Britannica and Britannica Online for Kids are excellent resources for information.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency


   A special thank you goes to my daughters Alicia and Janella for their valuable input and to my husband Barthold, to Eveline, and to the Damen der Englisch-Gruppe in Marburg for their help with the German translations.
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